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Escaping the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie with empty pizza box

Margaret from St. Paul asks, How does one survive the zombie apocalypse? [more]

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Making an Artesian Well Work Better

An anonymous reader asks: “I’ve got an artesian well on my property and the water pressure is lousy. Any suggestions?”
Chances are the well is depressed. (More)

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What to do in a Flash Flood

…Flash floods are so called because water is shiny. Wear sunglasses … (MORE)

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If You Meet an Angry Robot During Your Dive

underwater robot

The undersea world is full of wonders. But one thing you don’t see every day, even underwater, is a large, grabby, crabby mechanical man. What should you do if you encounter one? (MORE..)

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How to Protect Your Food From Animals when Camping

Hanging sack labeled "Mice"

Earlier, I discussed techniques for obtaining food in the wild. … [But] animals have little regard for private property and will gladly eat whatever looks tasty, with no consideration for the amount of work it took you to extort it from another camper. (more)

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What’s the best way to pole-vault?

Pole-vaulter festooned with balloons

Pole-vaulting should be done with a pole-vaulting pole. Do not attempt pole-vaulting with… (more)

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How can I avoid being eaten by a monster?

Monster pit

Sometimes, if a monster wants to eat you, you don’t get a lot of choice in the matter. So the best way to prevent a monster from eating you, is… (MORE)

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How Long Can an Elephant Stand After It Dies?

Deceased elephant being held up by a man

…I thought they might actually mean, “How long can you stand an elephant after it dies?” But on consulting prominent elephysiologists, I learned that elephant post-mortem standing is in fact a matter of some controversy in the field…. (MORE)

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What Does One Do with Co-workers Who Won’t Work?

Mind Transfer Apparatus

A frustrated government employee writes, Ones who ignore piles of work to be done, or make certain that they take a very large pile and go through it as s-l-o-w-l-y as possible while they dawdle, stare into space, and surf the internet? ¬†What can one do when they ignore hints, and when your supervisor will …

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How to Live off The Land

Person eating pine cone

If you must forage for food, look for the right kind of terrain. Try to find land to forage on that contains either shady woods where mushrooms grow, or a convenience store or fast-food restaurant. (MORE)

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