Audio and video of me doing readings, interviews, and convention panels.

Reading, 9 April 2021

Fae Productions “Author Reads” program. Reading from The Deep End, with Q&A.

Marscon 2021 Panels

“Assistive Technology in Science Fiction”
“Writing Craft: World Building – Hard vs Soft”
“Cut the Boring Parts”

Marscon 2021 Reading

Excerpt from The Deep End. While her minion is away cooking up dirt on an innocent victim, Marlee tries to talk her way out of a sticky situation.

Narrativity 2020/21 Panels

Outlining! And why I mostly don’t.
Controlling Pacing

“Star of Vengeance”

Not a read, but a listen. Free, ten short radio episodes scripted by Tyler (under a different name). Search the page for “vengeance”.

If You Were the Only One in the World

Complete short story