Tyler’s Art Gallery

I create artwork for display in Free Little Art Galleries (and appropriation by members of the public). These are, generally, digital art that I make prints of, mounting them on a backing material with magnets so they can easily be displayed on your favorite appliance.

If you like one of these but don’t live conveniently near a gallery that I’ve sent it to (or you don’t move fast enough and someone else grabs it), don’t despair. You can order them as magnets from a kindly giant corporation using the Buy buttons.

Ideal Diner

We lunched at this diner in NE Minneapolis — I don’t think it’s retro, I think it just hasn’t changed since it opened. Anyway, food is good, prices are reasonable, and I loved their sign so I reproduced it in miniature.

Illuminated Sculpture #1

Designed with Gravity Sketch software and printed with a resin 3D printer. Sits atop an electric tea light.

"Wake up!" magnet
Wake up!
Last thoughts of frog (exact thoughts vary)
Godzilla vs. Ms. Pac-man (the movie)
Forkful of spaghetti, with olive
"Scratcher" sculpture
Scratcher (sculpture, metal, beads, wood)

Sent to: St. Paul

Duckling Yearns for the Sky
After the Alpacalypse
“You Will Find Great Beauty Inside”
Igloo Seen from Inside Another Igloo
Zombie Tip #1