About Tyler

Tyler Tork, Quantum Mechanic
Tyler adjusting the quantums of a light bulb. Quantums are highly technical.

The victim of a dark destiny, I whirl through life with a set of shaky assumptions and a mug of rapidly-cooling java. Bewildered, scattered, querulous (some say curmudgeonly), I nonetheless attempt to entertain and inform. Someday, my alien masters will return for me; meanwhile, I polish my irony skills and sustain myself on squirrels, carrots, and coffee.

I believe in the Oxford comma, as do all right-thinking people. One space between sentences.

In addition to being a most excellent writer, I manage the map of Free Little Art Galleries.

My publisher is Roan & Weatherford, with one book out and others in the queue. I am potentially available for other projects also.

Rights inquiries: please use my contact form. I don’t have representation.