About Tyler

Tyler Tork, Quantum Mechanic

Tyler adjusting the quantums of a light bulb. Quantums are highly technical.

The victim of a dark destiny, I whirl through life with a set of shaky assumptions and a mug of rapidly-cooling java. Bewildered, scattered, querulous (some say curmudgeonly), I nonetheless attempt to entertain and inform. Someday, my alien masters will return for me; meanwhile, I polish my irony skills and sustain myself on squirrels, carrots, and coffee.

I live in the Minneapolis area with a sweet and strongly opinionated wife, no pets, and several computers. I’m a techie guy to pay for groceries, books, and toys, since writing doesn’t quite cover expenses currently*. I believe in the Oxford comma, as do all right-thinking people. One space between sentences.

My publisher is Oghma Creative Media, and I have some books in the queue with them — nothing out yet. I am potentially available for other projects also.

Rights inquiries about works published by Oghma, should be directed to them. For anything else, please use my contact form. I don’t have representation.

* All right, not even remotely.