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Compose Yourself

Terry Whitehead, age 10, of Boulder CO, asks, “which famous composer is most like a bathroom?”

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Dead Elephants Are a Hotter Topic than You Might Guess

Most popular searches that lead people to my blog.

A while back I answered someone’s question about whether elephants could stand after death. Well, I didn’t exactly answer it but you know. As it turns out, this is a topic of apparently greater general interest than I realized. Here are the several most recent searches whereby people found this blog: Swear to God I …

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The 12% Solution

Al Benbow of Ketchum, Idaho writes: I’ve been trying to figure out what the patent they’re talking about on the label that says that my pork chops may contain up to 12% of a patented solution. I’ve searched and I can’t find any food patents that apply. Al, I too was puzzled at first. But …

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The Reindeer We Never Hear About

Cavil, the Dissident Reindeer: Every year, Cavil writes Santa to express dissatisfaction with how Christmas is run….

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MFAs and Literary Conventions

trash bin filled with words

Why is it that… the most dreadful stories submitted to Stupefying Stories, come from people [with an] MFA in creative writing?

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Topical Use of Chocolate

killer robot grabbing someone

[T]he explanation of white chocolate… made me think of another chocolate question. Several websites say that melted chocolate if you pour it on a bruise and leave it overnight, it makes the bruise fade…. Is it true? [MORE]

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The Purpose of White Chocolate

Dear Tyler, What is white chocolate and is it good for anything? [MORE]

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like Terry Faust?

Terry Faust, in the dark

How do you know Mr. Faust? … The town council would appreciate all information pertaining to Mr. Faust for a pending frivolous libel suit. [MORE]

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Cookie Monster RIP

Dear Tyler, I heard that one of the Muppets had died recently but, like Paul McCartney, they all seem to still be around. What’s the real story? [MORE]

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Choosing a Seat in a Canoe

Fred Ergot, age 10, of Mitchell, Oregon, asks: At camp, we have two-person canoes. Is it better to get the front seat or the back seat? (more)

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