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Camper Sign Language 1

Maybe when you went to summer camp as a child, you felt that there was more going on than you knew about. If you don’t know the secret camper sign language, you were right! In a series of posts, I’ll show how campers communicate without speaking. If you or someone you know will go to …

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Canoeing with Elephants

Wesley Deever of Mount Horeb WI, (former) site of the famous mustard museum, asks: Is it safe to canoe near elephants? If you exercise reasonable caution, these gentle giants can actually enhance your canoeing experience. For instance,if you paddle right up next to them and tug on their ears, they will give you a shower …

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Choosing a Seat in a Canoe

Fred Ergot, age 10, of Mitchell, Oregon, asks: At camp, we have two-person canoes. Is it better to get the front seat or the back seat? (more)

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What to do in a Flash Flood

…Flash floods are so called because water is shiny. Wear sunglasses … (MORE)

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How to Protect Your Food From Animals when Camping

Hanging sack labeled "Mice"

Earlier, I discussed techniques for obtaining food in the wild. … [But] animals have little regard for private property and will gladly eat whatever looks tasty, with no consideration for the amount of work it took you to extort it from another camper. (more)

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How to Live off The Land

Person eating pine cone

If you must forage for food, look for the right kind of terrain. Try to find land to forage on that contains either shady woods where mushrooms grow, or a convenience store or fast-food restaurant. (MORE)

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How can I tell stories at summer camp?

Do you want to tell stories at camp? Surprisingly, the most important things you can do to insure success in story telling, begin before you start talking. First, make sure the audience can all see and hear you from where they are sitting. Wear a hood or mask, and plain clothing, so you cannot be …

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What should I leave behind when I go to summer camp?

When they go to camp, some people bring many unnecessary things from home. Here’s a list of several items you might think you will need at camp, but you probably won’t. Dirt: most camps have plenty already, and it’s free. Anvil: The camp will supply tools for craft projects. Monster Chow: some campers believe that …

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What should I bring to summer camp?

This is the time of year when parents pack their kids away to summer camp, so they can briefly recapture the freedom of being childless. As a summer camp goer, you may be wondering what critically important things you must not leave behind. Here are some camping essentials you might have forgotten. Communicator: To tell …

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