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What should I bring to summer camp?

Superhero costume
Your secret identity

This is the time of year when parents pack their kids away to summer camp, so they can briefly recapture the freedom of being childless. As a summer camp goer, you may be wondering what critically important things you must not leave behind. Here are some camping essentials you might have forgotten.

  • Communicator: To tell your starship to “beam you up” when you’ve had one too many mosquito bites.
  • Superhero Costume: If you have a secret superhero identity, you just know the Evil Doctor Zarg will show up right when you don’t have your costume. Bring it, and foil his insane plan for camp domination.
  • TV Remote Control: So your family will think of you while you’re away.
  • Electron Microscope:In case you need to tell the difference between cheese and soap.
  • Extra-large Pooper Scooper: In case an elephant gets into your cabin.

Tomorrow: What not to bother to bring.


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