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How can I tell stories at summer camp?

Do you want to tell stories at camp? Surprisingly, the most important things you can do to insure success in story telling, begin before you start talking.

First, make sure the audience can all see and hear you from where they are sitting.

Wear a hood or mask, and plain clothing, so you cannot be identified.

Make sure your audience is comfortable. Check that the knots are tight, so that they cannot escape, but not so tight that circulation is cut off, which might distract them from your story.

Cover their mouths with duct tape, so they do not interrupt.

Remember the three basic principles of story-telling.

  • Make up outrageous lies.
  • Laugh loudly at your jokes so that the audience can tell when you’ve said something funny.
  • Use your hands to express yourself. For instance, if someone is not paying attention, use your hands to throw a pine cone at them.