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Hello World! Since this picture shows Babies dressed as superheroes I figured you would want to see it. What about this box? Can you dig it? Thanks and good night.

Why we don’t need to fear Florida Man’s army of turtles

turtle trap

Trace Meadows of Pensacola, FL, writes to ask, I hear there’s someone threatening to conquer the planet with his army of turtles. Should I be concerned? The referenced item of news is this: Florida Man Threatens To Conquer Planet Earth With His Army Of Turtles. Trace, I don’t think we need to be concerned. Due to …

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The Blundering Earth

When I commented in a Facebook thread recently that the new Netflix production, The Wandering Earth, was beautiful but oh so stupid, someone responded, why do you think this? The physics was sounder than 75% of sci fi films The answer is longer and requires more formatting than can fit in a comment, so I’m …

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SVG file in a web page

The problem with raster graphics (such as your typical JPG, GIF, or PNG file) is that they don’t scale up very well. They get fuzzy if you zoom in on them. However, browsers are also able to display images of a different kind. SVG files are vector-based; they don’t store pictures as an array of …

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Notes from the Tools for Writers panel at Convergence

These are barely organized, and will soon be integrated into my resources page (see menu). Education Print Run Podcast Writing Excuses podcast Audio Drama Production podcast Research Ask Science Subreddit Loudmouth Science on Facebook Velocity Write or Die OhmWriter – makes your screen blank except for your document. Memory Siri Wetware Google docs (there is …

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Fairies, subverted

A leafy looking critter

Along with a select (i.e. self-selected) group of other writers and artists, I’m engaged in a Project. A Subversive Project. Involving Fairies. It will see print long before any of my books in the queue at Oghma, and it’s a lot of fun working with this talented group. Like/Follow our Facebook page for news about …

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Is the ST:TNG Episode “Darmok” Genius or What?

An irritated Tamarian

Incendiary Todd of the Funk writes, Is the ST:TNG episode “Darmok” genius or what? Can’t decide. “What.” To recap, the episode involves a spacefaring species, the Tamarians, that nobody can manage to talk with because (as it turns out) their only means of communication is with cryptic metaphorical references to the stories of their culture. When …

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On the Difference between Categories and Tags

Many people are confused by the distinction between categories and tags in their WordPress blog. They sort of do the same thing, right? Think of categories as the table of contents of your blog, while tags are the index. The category is the broad type of post, and the tags are the subject of that …

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Getting Rid of Mice

Susan Taitel of Minneapolis asks, Does anyone have a cat, owl, or preferably a snake I can borrow to scare off some mice? Also does anyone have a mongoose I can borrow to chase off the snake? Additionally does anyone know what mongooses are afraid of? Susan, First, I want it clearly understood that I …

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How do hackers get usernames on your WordPress site?

LOg shows someone tried to login with your ID

Of course you chose a good password — one that potential hackers won’t be able to guess. And you also activated the feature of the iThemes Security plugin that blocks computers that have too many wrong login attempts from accessing your site. So you’re pretty safe from people trying to break in by password guessing. …

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