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Making up new words

Corinth Terwilliger, of St. Paul MN, writes: Is it OK to make up new words?

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Trademarking the Past

Conrad Zero, Dark Fiction Author from Minneapolis, MN, asks: I’ve been working on a novel for years now (at least 2) and it’s almost finished. In my novel, the protagonist dies. but my story does not end there! She goes to what I call the “spirit world” and she must fight her way back into …

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How do turtles communicate?

Qwerty in Baton Rouge asks: How do turtles communicate? Pheromones? No — turtlephones. One of the nice things about being a turtle — I don’t know this through personal experience — is that one’s shell provides a handy place to mount various devices that can’t then get lost, as well as plenty of space to …

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More on cats and video games

Cat rocking out on bloody 3D video game.

In response to my article about playing video games with your cat, Leann Arnett writes: Umm what if your on your iPod and can’t get the games and you have no other devices but a computer and its not touch screen also the game cost money and doesn’t exist on a iPod?

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How is Shakespeare Like a Porcupine?

Come to the Point W. Shakespeare, called by his friends Bill, Is said to have written his plays with a quill. I mention him here, though, just on the way To the topic I’d meant to hold forth on today, The connection to which might not seem too plain, But which I can maybe attempt …

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Improving Opera

Tosca in 3D!

Harry Padington of Newgate writes: I run an opera company, and attendance has been flat. A rival company in our city’s been packing them in, though. How can I increase our audience share?

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In the spirit of Gripesgiving…

I get mail… in this case from a reader who spotted a news story that reminded her of my recent proposal to eliminate Thanksgiving in favor of a holiday where people get to complain to their nearest and dearest, since that’s what it usually comes down to anyway. I hadn’t really thought in terms of …

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Tummy Video of the Ancients

Thessaly Fertility goddess, circa 5000 BC, vs Teletubbies.

An article, with a picture of an old Viking pendant in the shape of a dinosaur, has got me thinking. Could there be more surprises like this lurking in museums and attics? What else might our remote ancestors have known about that we never expected?

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Walking Backwards

Emily H. of Chilliwack, BC, Canada writes: Dear Tyler, I would like to be able to walk backwards, but I keep tripping over things or bumping into people. Can you help? Emily, Emily. Why must you walk backwards? Is it only for the joy of being unconventional? As someone who can’t help being weird, I …

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Harley asks, “Why do we have a special day for giving thanks, but not a special day for complaining?” This is actually not a bad idea…

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