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What a Young Scientist Needs in Costa Rica — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for these thoughtful suggestions. May I ask what sort of sedative you recommend, and how you get it to stick to the helmet?


  2. Ketamine drops ’em pretty fast. You can mix it into a paste with a little plaster of paris; that spreads on nicely, dries fast, can be painted, and will fragment into chewable pieces when bitten. Or if you want a distraction to keep kitty busy with the helmet while you slip away, a slurry of ketamine, pureed catnip and papier mache will occupy his attention, and has the advantage of blending into the forest color scheme without having to be painted. I haven’t tried the latter, though; it’s only an idea. There’s some risk that the scent of catnip might attract the attention of an animal who otherwise might leave you be.

  3. I forgot to mention that the rabbits in Costa Rica are particularly aggressive – I refer here to Dice’s rabbit, Sylvilagus dicei. We used to live there, and had a pet rabbit who would hide under the refrigerator and dart out to bite the ankles of people walking by. If your daughter expects to be in the highlands, and if you know anyone in the SCA, you might try to get hold of some fine mesh chain-mail socks.