How is Shakespeare Like a Porcupine?

Come to the Point

W. Shakespeare, called by his friends Bill,
Is said to have written his plays with a quill.
I mention him here, though, just on the way
To the topic I’d meant to hold forth on today,
The connection to which might not seem too plain,
But which I can maybe attempt to explain.
First, Bill had quills, though they weren’t on his back,
And he used his to scribble, not to attack,
Like these guys who always get up in your face,
Who thought up the notion of personal space.
But those little spikes that are used to protect,
When they roll in a ball and hold them erect,
Are clattering, rattling, “shaky spears” when
They toddle along with their porcupine friends.

— Tyler Tork


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    • Hilary Moon Murphy on 17 April 2013 at 7:25 am


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