More on cats and video games

In response to my article about playing video games with your cat, Leann Arnett writes:

Umm what if your on your iPod and can’t get the games and you have no other devices but a computer and its not touch screen also the game cost money and doesn’t exist on a iPod?

Oh my god, Leann, seriously? You can’t nickel and dime this thing — and it seems you’re on an even lower budget than that. The laborer is worthy of his hire, and all that, but here you are, apparently saying you’re only willing to delight your cat if it’s absolutely free.

Cat rocking out on bloody 3D video game.

A well equipped kitty is a happy kitty.

What part of two screens, 3D, mouse on joystick and all that, made you think I was giving instructions on how to chintz out your poor cat? If you don’t have the right hardware, get the right hardware. Plus, iClone people lack the independent spirit we expect in cat associates. Go Android, it’s the only way. I’m not sure you’re worthy to host a cat in your home.

Also, please consider how you’re really paying for so-called free games. They pretty much all have advertising, don’t they? You think your cat will tolerate ads popping up in the midst of their simulated carnage (even if it’s relevant advertising, like say for canned tuna, videos of 100 epic dog fails, and mouse clamps)? No. He will hurt you. You are warned. If you can’t pay $2.99 for an app for your cat’s sake, do it for your own sake.