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How to Protect Your Food From Animals when Camping

Hanging sack labeled "Mice"

Earlier, I discussed techniques for obtaining food in the wild. … [But] animals have little regard for private property and will gladly eat whatever looks tasty, with no consideration for the amount of work it took you to extort it from another camper. (more)

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How to Live off The Land

Person eating pine cone

If you must forage for food, look for the right kind of terrain. Try to find land to forage on that contains either shady woods where mushrooms grow, or a convenience store or fast-food restaurant. (MORE)

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Cheese vs. Soap, revisited

Soap/cheese test kit

Some readers of an earlier blog entry wrote to say that while it’s important to be able to tell the difference between cheese and soap, the technique I described, which employs an electron microscope, is too cumbersome for daily use. (MORE)

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How to eat a pickle

When you eat a pickle, you must stand. Never eat a pickle sitting or lying down, as you cannot effectively defend the pickle in those positions. The correct posture for pickle eating is shown here (the actual pickle is omitted to avoid undue temptation). Lean forward slightly, holding the pickle in one hand and with …

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