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Improving Opera

Tosca in 3D!

Harry Padington of Newgate writes: I run an opera company, and attendance has been flat. A rival company in our city’s been packing them in, though. How can I increase our audience share?

Humanist Solstice Songs

a red-nosed reindeer

Dear Tyler (writes Kendra Monkton of Vinings, GA), I’ve been asked to perform music for a Humanist Solstice celebration. Do you know of any suitable songs? Anything that just talks about the weather any sleigh-bells and such is acceptable, of course, but people get tired of hearing the same few standards. Here are some lesser-known …

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What a Young Scientist Needs in Costa Rica

Hilary Moon Murphy asks, “My daughter is going on a science trip to Costa Rican rain forest this spring…. What things would you take along?”

Cats and Video Games

Bret, who knows that Cats are demonic creatures, asks: I want to train my cat to play video games with me. Any ideas?

Canoeing with Elephants

Wesley Deever of Mount Horeb WI, (former) site of the famous mustard museum, asks: Is it safe to canoe near elephants? If you exercise reasonable caution, these gentle giants can actually enhance your canoeing experience. For instance,if you paddle right up next to them and tug on their ears, they will give you a shower …

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Dead Elephants Are a Hotter Topic than You Might Guess

Most popular searches that lead people to my blog.

A while back I answered someone’s question about whether elephants could stand after death. Well, I didn’t exactly answer it but you know. As it turns out, this is a topic of apparently greater general interest than I realized. Here are the several most recent searches whereby people found this blog: Swear to God I …

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Higgelty Pigglety – Zero G Edition

“M” asks, “Please provide an example of higglety pigglety.”

The Reindeer We Never Hear About

Cavil, the Dissident Reindeer: Every year, Cavil writes Santa to express dissatisfaction with how Christmas is run….

How to Protect Your Food From Animals when Camping

Hanging sack labeled "Mice"

Earlier, I discussed techniques for obtaining food in the wild. … [But] animals have little regard for private property and will gladly eat whatever looks tasty, with no consideration for the amount of work it took you to extort it from another camper. (more)

How Long Can an Elephant Stand After It Dies?

Deceased elephant being held up by a man

…I thought they might actually mean, “How long can you stand an elephant after it dies?” But on consulting prominent elephysiologists, I learned that elephant post-mortem standing is in fact a matter of some controversy in the field…. (MORE)

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