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Higgelty Pigglety – Zero G Edition

“M” asks,

Please provide an example of higglety pigglety.

Here is my example.


M (ISS Commander Kelli Mobi): Hey, guys. You sent the wrong stuff again.

GC (Ground control): Commander, copy. Go ahead.

M: We requested fifty pair mittens, for the cold. Though chasing down the kittens is also keeping us warm. Especially since there’s nowhere to hold them, so it’s… a process. Shit! Standby. [32s pause; shouting in the background] Back.

GC: Sorry, commander. Looks like the typo was on your end. There are several errors in that requisition. Over.

M: Yeah… but we’ve got that N2O leak patched now, I think. Also, must advise zero-gee catnip experiment was destroyed. Over.

GC: Destroyed? Say again.

M: Did you know kittens get munchies? Snowball, oh no! Get away fr–