How should I salute a royal person?

Royal Salute

Royal Salute

Most people are unlikely to encounter any kings, queens, princes or princesses close up. However, just in case, here is what you need to know.

Upon sighting a member of a royal family, give the royal salute. Touch your thumbs to your forehead and spread your other fingers like the points of a crown. Make a little “O” of surprise with your mouth. Do this even if you are not surprised.

Don’t worry which country the royals are from. This is an international standard.

Later we will discuss proper forms of address. Until you have read about that here, it may be wisest to stand some distance off and just salute. Please use our RSS feed to be informed of future updates.


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  1. […] Well, relax. Kings and queens no longer have the authority to have people beheaded. They only do this to let off steam, or as a sort of nervous habit. Laugh — not mockingly, but as if they have made a joke — and repeat the Royal Salute. […]

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