On the ratio of known to unknown

Kevin asks:

I was promised age would bring wisdom, but that doesn’t seem to be working out in my case. What the hell?


You know what being wrong feels like? It feels like being right.

You know what being right feels like? It feels like uncertainty.

You don’t get to be right by ignoring and avoiding contrary evidence. Once you’re certain, you stop learning.

Foolishness feels like wisdom.

Wisdom feels like knowing how very far you have yet to go.

If you learn, your edge grows faster than your center. The more you know, the more things you’re aware you don’t know.

It doesn’t feel like progress when the list of things you know you’re ignorant about grows so much faster than the list of things you’ve mastered. But it is.

Age doesn’t bring assurance. But recognition of your mistakes and weaknesses is wisdom.