Sasquatches in Chicago?

Someone “memed” a comment of mine on Facebook, so possibly you’re here to find out about my series of YA books which include (among many other oddities) a gated community of Sasquatches in a Chicago suburb.

I wrote two books in this series so far, but they’re not published yet. Publishing is a long drawn-out process, and the first volume, The Goodnight Agency, is due to appear in print sometime in early 2021 from Oghma Creative Media. Besides the shaggy suburbanites, the cast of characters includes Bat Boy, a tentacled sea monster, talking rats (they don’t like to be called rats. But let’s face it, they’re rats), and other cryptids, as well as the humans they hire to be their interface to the outside world — the agency of the title.

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Meanwhile, please check out my other writings which, while they don’t contain Sasquatches, I hope you may find entertaining!

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