What can I say when people say I look familiar?

Sirius Mann of Someplace in Cleveland asks:

I’m no good at recognizing faces, and when people tell me I look familiar, I tend to freeze up because there’s a pretty good chance we’ve met and I have no recollection of it. What can I say?

Mr. Mann,

You’re missing some golden opportunities here. There are many ways to respond that don’t give away your state of uncertainty. Here are a few:

  • So the drug is wearing off. Good, good. (rubs hands together)
  •  I told you last year that’s not a good wedding anniversary joke.
  • You’re probably confusing me with one of my android brethren.
  • You may have seen my face in the sky at night.
  • Ssh! Remember the first rule of Bondage Club!
  • I am. Some say too familiar, but I like to think of it as just cheerful and friendly.

Write them on cards, and practice! Come up with some of your own! Variety doubles the fun!