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  1. I hope that Dan has been able to connect with some of the other time travel foodies out there. One piece if information that I found helpful is the categorization of Aepycamelus meat. If Dan is shopping close to home, that is in pre-historic North America, he may come across this delicacy. The neck meat is said to be particularly tasty, while the legs/thighs do require significant marinating to make them more tender. Adding a little extra salt to the marinade helps reduce the gaminess. The Aepycamelus, much like modern pork, was initially considered to be White Meat, but has recently been re-categorized as Red Meat, which should guide Dan’s choice of wine accompaniment – I would recommend a bolder red wine with smoother tannin such as Syrah or Malbec. I suggest Dan pair the meat with a salad comprised of Sequoiadendron chaneyi leaves of the same period, with some modern chives, radish, and goat cheese tossed in a nice balsamic dressing. I enjoyed a similar meal with a distinctively French twist with Auguste Escoffier last week/in 1899 in a private dining room at the Paris Ritz. It was quite delightful.