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“The Cowrie” as stand-alone ebook

The Cowrie - coverI don’t like my stuff to go out of print. So when I noticed that an issue of Stupefying Stories that contained one of my stories was no longer available from, I decided that would be a good opportunity to do the self-publishing experiment that I’ve been considering. I didn’t have anything else that would go with it, so I published it in its own very slim digital volume, at minimum price. It’s available from the following sources:


1 thought on ““The Cowrie” as stand-alone ebook”

  1. I just read The Cowrie. Most short stories are fine as a stand-alone read and you feel adequately sated at the end, but Tyler has offered us a literary amuse-bouche and it leaves one hungering for more. What other adventures did this family have, where else have they lived on the father’s talent for securing free housing in exotic locales? I plan to spend some time cruising this website, checking out other short stories, listening to Tyler’s audio works, and ordering his latest novel. The Blog is a hoot as well.

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