In the spirit of Gripesgiving…

I get mail… in this case from a reader who spotted a news story that reminded her of my recent proposal to eliminate Thanksgiving in favor of a holiday where people get to complain to their nearest and dearest, since that’s what it usually comes down to anyway.

I hadn’t really thought in terms of a light display for the new holiday, but a woman in Denham Springs, Louisiana, has come up with something that’s in the spirit of the occasion. This was originally intended as a message to a neighbor who, says amateur lighting engineer Sarah Childs, may have stolen her dog. However, the city has given her so much grief about it that she has now added a second decoration, similar to the first, to express her opinion of local government.

So, is Ms. Childs (some say Henderson) a low-class nutjob and horrible neighbor? There’s a case to be made for that. Is she within her rights? The ACLU feels there’s a case to be made for that. In any case, she is a decorating innovator.


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    • on 16 January 2013 at 12:58 pm

    Here’s a picture of the whole roof — post ACLU intervention. It includes mention of the dogs and both hands. I thought the two hands might be sort of together — kind of like praying hands — but they are far apart.

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