Tyler, how can I become as knowledgeable as you are?

Hilary Moon Murphy of Minneapolis wrote to ask how I developed my expertise.

I sleep on books. I’ve found that if I place a book under my pillow at night, and skim the table of contents the next day, I can pretend to have read it. This saves a lot of time and lets me focus my energies on making up cool stuff. Too much actual knowledge tends to cramp my style anyway. It’s also more comfortable because I find pillows tend to be a bit too flat to suit me.

I recently bought a Nook, which I’ve found lets me sleep on many more books at the same time without getting a crick in my neck. My expertise should develop at an even more rapid pace now.

I theorize that this effect is due to invisible emanations (made visible for reference purposes in this illustration) of potential knowledge. It’s all very science-based.