Sample site download

The attached file is the complete design and contents of the sample site at You can upload it to your own WordPress site to see how the site was put together. This will overwrite the contents of the site you upload it to.

  • Download and save the file jpbean.wpress to your computer (yes it isn’t here yet. How did you even get to this page?).
  • In your own WordPress installation, install and activate the plugin All-in-One WP Migration by ServMask. Click these screenshots to zoom.
  •   In the dashboard menu, select All-in-One Website Migration > Import, and select the Import From > File option. This will let you upload the .wpress file. Follow the migration tool’s further instructions to apply the changes.
  • The login of the administrative user of the sample site is jonabeen, with password please! change this password immediately . You will need this information to re-login after the import. Please change the password immediately. You can do this on the profile screen, which you access by clicking the “Howdy, Jonathan” at the upper right of the dashboard.