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Notes from the Tools for Writers panel at Convergence

These are barely organized, and will soon be integrated into my resources page (see menu). Education Print Run Podcast Writing Excuses podcast Audio Drama Production podcast Research Ask Science Subreddit Loudmouth Science on Facebook Velocity Write or Die OhmWriter – makes your screen blank except for your document. Memory Siri Wetware Google docs (there is …

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Time travel cookbook

Dear Tyler (writes Dan The Man Williamson III of Duluth MN), I recently inherited a time machine, and I’d like to use it to indulge my passion for novel gourmet cookery. I have access to a range of now extinct ingredients, but my problem is that I don’t know which things are edible, how to prepare …

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My MarsCon schedule

Friday, March 6: 3:00-3:50 pm. The Curmudgeon Panel. VII White Pelican 5:00-5:50 pm. Marketing Your eBook. Room 419 (Krushenko’s) Saturday, March 7: 12:00-12:50 p.m. When Robots do Everything, What Will People do? III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars) 9:00-9:50 pm. Hero Support: Sidekicks and Minions. III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars)

Notes from the free software panel

Notes from the panel on free (but legal) software at Convergence SF con.

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