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The Goodnight Agency – book 1

Buckle Up. Things are about to get weird.

Cover -- The Goodnight Agency

Sometimes, you just have to do things yourself… IF you don’t get eaten by an invisible monster first.

Sixteen-year-old Ruby Park is a handful. With her parents in prison, she’s tossed between her relatives like a hot potato, finally ending up with her weird uncle, Simon Goodnight. Determined to get along with her last relative who can stand her and isn’t locked up, Ruby nonetheless can’t resist snooping into her uncle’s mysterious business and its anonymous clients. Is it a detective agency, or…?

Ruby soon learns those clients are bizarre creatures who can’t go out in public to do their own business. She thought she was a misfit, but these people make her look downright normal by comparison. And hey, for the first time ever, she can actually be helpful!She should’ve known this couldn’t last, though. When Simon is arrested for murder, it’s up to her and her crew of oddball friends and minions to clear her uncle’s name, and do it faster than a caffeinated cheetah, or her newfound happy home will go up in smoke.

But the deeper she digs, the more complications she uncovers. Can she rescue Simon while keeping his clients’ secrets, and not start a war or become a monster’s snack? With the help of her friends, a bit of snark, a lot of wit, and a crusader’s sense of justice, Ruby’s madcap navigation of these rocky waters will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

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