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Constructing a Rain Barrel: Tools Needed

(including supplementary notes geared towards people living in Minneapolis-Saint Paul (Twin Cities) and Surrounding Communities)

with André "Dangerous with Tools" Guirard

Tools Needed
Basic Parts
Faucet Parts
Overflow Parts
Optional Items
Connecting Multiple Barrels
Assembly Instructions


    Tools You Will Need

  • Electric jig-saw, unless you are a masochist, in which case, manual jig-saw.
  • Electric drill. A cordless drill may not have enough oomph.
  • 3/4" pipe tap (shown at right). Try to borrow rather than buy this. If you call you can arrange to borrow mine; 763-694-9989.
  • 15/16" drill bit (spade bit). 7/8" will do in a pinch, but 15/16" is safer -- you're less likely to spoil the hole (and thereby waste the barrel) when you cut the threads later.
  • 1-7/8" hole saw.
    • If you use the alternate method for the overflow, 2-1/4" hole saw instead.
  • Two adjustable crescent wrenches.

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If you found some useful info here, please share it with others so they too can benefit:

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