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Constructing a Rain Barrel: Overflow Parts

(including supplementary notes geared towards people living in Minneapolis-Saint Paul (Twin Cities) and Surrounding Communities)

with André "Dangerous with Tools" Guirard

Tools Needed
Basic Parts
Faucet Parts
Overflow Parts
Optional Items
Connecting Multiple Barrels
Assembly Instructions



Barb fitting to straight female pipe thread

Home Depot (electrical dept.)

The exterior dimension of the barb is 1 1/2" -- interior dimension of thread is 1 7/8 or thereabouts.
Apparently known simply as "fitting"

Home Depot

Screws into barb fitting.
Sump drain hose, 1 1/4" or 1 1/2"

Home Depot or Menards

$7.00 - 9.00

We prefer to use this hose which is 1-1/4" but has a 1-1/2" sleeve to fit onto the barb fitting. We don't want to run the risk of the overflow not being able to keep up with the water running off the roof and being spilled next to the foundation. A 1-1/2" hose costs about $10 at Home Depot; but the barb fitting is the narrowest point, so using the larger hose doesn't gain you much.
(Alternate overflow assembly) Home Depot

Last time we bought parts for a rain barrel demo., we couldn't find the gray barb fitting (H.D. was reorganizing the dept. and its stock). We improvised this alternate assembly using a right-angle pipe fitting which is threaded on the inside on one leg, smooth on the other. The barb fitting and metal clamp came with the hose.

We'll install this by drilling a 2-1/4" hole for the white elbow piece to fit into the barrel body, and caulk around it using GE Silicone II Window and Door caulk. This should be sufficient since the water is not under pressure.

  Approximate Total $37.00  

* These sources and prices range from 2002 - 2009, so expect some changes. Your findings/updates appreciated.


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If you found some useful info here, please share it with others so they too can benefit:

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