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About This Rain Barrel Website

Little did I know when I started this site, how much interest in rain barrels and harvesting rain water would grow. I felt on the fringes of mainstream concerns, although I was seeing article after article about increasing drought and water restrictions in our country, even here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes!

As an enthusiastic gardener with a very large garden, I wanted to conserve resources (as well as keep my water bill from increasing!) so I looked into making a homemade version of the rainbarrels being sold at garden centers. There wasn't much out there at the time. My amiable and trusty Labor Pool (aka spouse) helped me figure out how to make it happen and I then had the idea to share the fruits of our research and labor with others of a similar inclination.

When we created this website, there was little information about making low-cost, well-designed rainbarrels. And we still think we have one of the best thought-out and highest quality rainbarrel designs, along with detailed construction/setup tips. In fact, Fine Gardening magazine solicited and published an article by me about our version.

From a single page detailing the materials needed and construction tips, I soon added the background story and a rainfall harvest calculator. In response to visitors inquiries, two additional pages came to be created: the Frequently Asked Questions and information from credible sources about the safety of using rainwater for various purposes.

I hope the information here inspires you to creat a rain barrel (or three!), as well as adopt other environmentally-friendly practices. For example, consider reducing the amount of lawn in your yard.

Go Native!

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Happy Watering!


If you found some useful info here, please share it with others so they too can benefit:

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